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Κώστας M
Aug 09, 2023
In Questions & Answers
Hello, I am having a shoulder issue for 3 years. During the lockdown, I sat down a lot and after some months of essentially chair-rest I begun to train again with pull ups. After a set of pull ups at rpe 10, i did some jefferson curls and when my arm was overextended at the bottom i experienced something like a tear and a huge increase in pain. I self-managed alone for some months but the pain did not went away, fluctuated and it was aggravated during a gym session. Then I bought the shoulder rehab template (from bbm and the shoulder pain article from here) which greatly improved my function and I managed to return to normal trainning (but a had a slight pinch in front of my shoulder). After finishing the shoulder rehab template, I jumped to the hypertrophy template (of bbm), saw bench gains even pr-ed but I rushed the process and my shoulder started acting up again (in the front). Then I restarted the shoulder rehab template but I might overdid it again and had partial success of reducing the discomfort (like 50% better). Moreover, ideas of something else more serious going on were planted in my mind and I was not at ease during the rehab which I think contributed to poor recovery. All in all, I did an MRI recently and I would like your opinion on the results. I do not want a plan for rehab from a post, neither a diagnosis. I would like to know if there is something bad with my shoulder besides mechanical damage from overuse or an injury (i.e. an autoimmune condition and worse things you know). As you can see, I am in distress. I have an appointment at 22 of August with a shoulder specialist. MRI findings translated (using google translate, sorry for that) from my mother language, underlined intra-articular collection Presence of confluent sublimiting cysts in the humeral head. Presence of a pathological tension signal in the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle, possibly in the context of tendinosis. Without special findings, the other tendons of the rotator cuff are checked. Presence of abnormal tension signal in the extensor portion of the tendon of the long head of the biceps muscle. With normal intensity, the muscle groups of the shoulder girdle are visualized. marked collection of fluid in the subacromial pouch. I am worried a lot about the second bullet.​

Κώστας M

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