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Pain, Injury, and Rehabilitative Training

Tame Pain is an educational and remote consultation company dedicated to helping individuals with pain management. Our pain management doctors can help you with remote consultation and rehabilitation programming. Learn about mobility training, sports performance training and physical fitness program only at Tame Pain.

Do you have a new injury or pain that prevents you from being active while leaving you unsure about what to do, or how to recover?


We offer remote consultations and monthly programming with trusted professionals who have expert knowledge based on the most current evidence to help folks like yourself.

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Tame Pain is an educational and remote consultation company founded on research. Remote consultation and rehabilitative programming are two of our main services. With our physical fitness program, mobility training, and sports performance training, we can assist you with your chronic pain problems.

One-time remote consultation:


An audio/visual remote consultation with our rehab clinicians who will discuss your situation while providing education and a plan to help move towards your goals. 

One-time remote consultation +

1-month of remote programming:



Includes remote consultation + one month of remote programming via True Coach where we can continue real-time communication while providing an individualized plan to help return to desired activities.

Tame Pain is a research-based educational and remote consultation company. We are dedicated to assisting individuals with pain management, performance, and rehabilitation. We offer mobility training, physical fitness program, and sports performance training through remote consultation and rehabilitative programming.

Additional Monthly Programming


NOTE: Consults are for adults aged 18+ only.

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