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This is a brand-new 12-week low back rehab template designed by Dr. Michael Ray. It was created to specifically aid individuals interested in resistance training with finding an entry point to activies while over the course of the tempate progressing to normal training. In addition to the template, each purchase comes with an eBook guiding the path through the template, aiding with exercise selection, progressions, and much more. We hope you find this template helpful. 



Low Back Pain T1

  • Overview:

    Pain is a complex experience, with many contributing factors. In situations not involving a trauma, it is helpful minimizing a search for a specific tissue issue and instead focusing on a path forward. Our rehabilitative templates provide up to date education about pain while providing a roadmap to move towards your goals. 

    Who’s it for?

    As previously stated, pain is complex, but some of the common diagnoses that may benefit from this template include:

    • Lumbar Osteoarthritis
    • Spinal Degenerative Disc Disease
    • Facet Syndrome
    • Scoliosis
    • Non-Specific Low Back Pain
    • Lumbar Muscle Strain
    • Lumbar Ligament Sprain
    • Lumbar disc herniaiton
    • Spinal Stenosis
    • Periphreal nerve entrapment

    Needed Equipment:

    Having access to gym equipment such as a barbell, rack, bench, and free weights is ideal for this template. The template is formatted for additional equipment if available, such as machines and dumbbells. 

    The entire template should take 9-12 weeks depending on the length of PHASE 1.

    You may find participation on our Pain and Rehab forum useful for any additional questions or just sharing with others in the community.

    Phase 1 (Week 1*)

    Goal- Decrease pain and improve active range of motion using isometrics and isoinertial loading.

    *Week 1 may be repeated for up to 2 additional weeks, e.g. Weeks 1-3 when necessary based on symptoms and improvement. Subsequently, phases 2 and 3 are labeled as if the lifter required 3 weeks in Phase 1, which may not be necessary.

    Phase 2 (Weeks 2-5)

    Goal- Increase loading capacity with increasing volume and lower external intensity.

    Phase 3 (Weeks 5-9)

    Goal- Return to normal programming by increasing intensity and movement specificity, e.g. more absolute load. 

    No refunds on downloadable templates at this time.

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