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This is a brand-new 12-week template designed by Dr. Michael Ray. A map outlines an exisiting territory we already know, but a blueprint outlines a new terriority we wish to create. That is why our new template is called a blueprint, a schematic that is meant to help individuals dealing with chronic pain forge a new path to overcome their pain. 

✅Logical progressions
✅26 page guide with educational materials on pain and autoregulation
✅Builds towards meeting activity guidelines over twelve weeks for both aerobic activity and resistance training.
✅A community forum to share experiences
✅Live support if any technical issues arise
✅Video walk through tutorial
✅Research supported
✅Clinician approved


In addition to the template, each purchase comes with an eBook guiding the path through the template, aiding with exercise selection, progressions, and much more. We hope you find this template helpful. 

Tame Pain Blueprint

$24.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
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